Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Last Chance to Register for Ag 2.0 and Water 2.0

This is your last chance to register for next week’s groundbreaking Agriculture 2.0 Global Investments and Water 2.0 Investment Summit in Toronto. 

Click here to view the newly updated list of expert speakers.

The investor community is coming out in force for Ag 2.0!

Rub elbows with investment officers and real assets managers from CPPIB, OMERS, IFC, TIAA-CREF, Eastern Illinois University Foundation, University of California Regents, Wake Forest University Endowment, Allstate, Adveq, Farm Credit Canada, and ATB Financial, representing a total of over $928B AUM. At the conference, you will have the opportunity to break bread and have an intimate conversation with some of the great minds in the responsible real assets and sustainable innovations space today.

 Sign up to sit down to lunch with these experts: 

Fred Luckey, EVP Sustainability & Innovation, Bunge North America
Michel Orloff, President, The Ambika Group 
Garth Hodges, Global Head of M&A, Bayer CropScience
Mary Law, Senior Investment Officer, Wake Forest University Endowment
Mark White, Head of Real Assets, Albourne Partners
Jud Hill, Managing Director, NGP Global Adaptation Partners
Lukas Casey, Principal Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation
Nicholas Parker, Founder, Cleantech Group
Steve Yuzpe, CFO, Sprott Resource Corp.
Bruce Kahn, Director, Senior Investment Analyst, Deutsche Bank
Ralf Oberbannscheidt, CEO, Lead Portfolio Manager, Global Thematic Partners
Klaus Deininger, Lead Economist, Development Economics Group, The World Bank
Dominic D’Amours, Director, Sustainable Development, Pineridge Group
Disque Deane, Co-Founder & CIO, Water Asset Management

To see the full list of attendees for Agriculture 2.0 Global Investments and Water 2.0 Investment Summit click here.

Don’t miss your chance to add these seasoned veterans to your network.

Register now for three full days of unrivaled networking, intensive education, and concrete investment opportunities in global natural resources!


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