Thursday, August 11, 2011

USDA estimates 8,400 US Jobs for Every $1 billion raised from Agricultural Exports

With the economic hardships American’s are now facing, there are only so many financial solutions we can create. However, among the ever growing list of problems, we also have our ever growing population. As of this July, the estimated population for our planet has reached 7 billion. With that, comes a drastic growth in resources obtained. Consuming and maintaining these resources efficiently will be a challenge. Both farmers and consumers must develop a way to use these resources effectively in order to maintain a constant supply.

Researchers recently teamed up with Nourishing the Planet and traveled to countries all across Africa. Their results prove to be successful. “Nourishing the Planet's research in Africa has unveiled innovative and cost-effective approaches to agriculture where farmers are treating land as a resource rather than solely as a means for food production. Many of these solutions are scalable and can be adapted to farming systems around the world.

Many people also overlook the fact that the demand for agriculture produces a lot of jobs. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak estimates that the demand for exports will be historical in 2011. “USDA estimates show 8,400 jobs are created in the United States for every $1 billion raised through agricultural exports.” Farmer’s markets are an easy way to promote local products and also encourage healthier lifestyles. “A study of the Springfield Farmers’ Market by the Lane Coalition for Healthy Active Youth in 2010 found that during the three years of market operation, customers reported an increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables due to enhanced accessibility.”

I think as we continue to look for answers to help consolidate and solve our national debt, we will start to discover all of the opportunities that our Agriculture Industry has to offer.

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