Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Agricultural Technology Sector Primed to Explode!

AG Chat Interview Series Explores Opportunities & Investment In The Fertile Technology Bioeconomy

Some of you may recall the high-tech boom that began in the late 80s/early 90s when the IBMs, Apples, Unisys’s and Honeywells of the world unleashed a torrent of major innovation.

Well, it appears the agricultural technology sector is on a similar trajectory and may be about to break out in spectacular fashion.

According to Dave Smardon, President and CEO of Bioenterprise Corporation, ag tech is in the “embryonic” stage—teeming with innovations that may revolutionize everything from fuel to pharmaceuticals—and the venture capital community is watching closely.

In this episode of AG Chat, Smardon takes us on an in-depth tour of the burgeoning bioeconomy: Which technologies to watch? Who’s investing? Exit strategies? Deal size?

Listen to this episode of Ag Chat here.

Download a transcript of our interview here.

Editor’s note: Meet Dave Smardon and his colleagues from Bioenterprise at the Ag 2.0 Global Investments Conference taking place in Toronto, Canada, November 7-8, 2011.

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AG Chat is an executive interview series featuring the business experts, investors and entrepreneurs at the forefront of sustainable agriculture. Each episode explores the trends, technologies and drivers shaping the world of sustainable agriculture today.

Marc Dresner works closely with IBC Life Sciences as a communication lead with a background in trade journalism and marketing. He is the former executive editor of Research Business Report, a confidential newsletter for the marketing research industry. He may be reached at Follow him @mdrezz.


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