Friday, June 10, 2011

Welcome to Agriculture 2.0!

Hello, and welcome to the new Agriculture 2.0 blog! I am thrilled to have a place where people can come year-round to talk about the issues and stories that are important to all of us. I hope that this will evolve into a platform and sounding board for innovative ideas, strategies, success stories, connections, and as a call to action for the ag investment sector.

We will be sharing our own thoughts, and as we move forward each of the dedicated Ag 2.0 team members will be introducing themselves. We will also be producing podcasts and written interviews with some of our expert conference contributors as well as publishing original content from guest bloggers on the topics of climate change, farmland strategy, commodities analysis, new technologies and much more. If you are interested in contributing, feel free to give us a shout!

I want this to be a fun and informative space to talk about anything and everything that has an impact on the sustainable natural resources portfolio—from the riverbank to The World Bank. Let’s get started!

Kate Westfall is the director of the 2.0 investment conference series, which includes Agriculture 2.0 Global Investments, the Water 2.0 Investment Summit, Ag 2.0 San Francisco, AgReturn Latin America and the InfraReturn Investment Forum. Kate holds a Master’s Degree in Food Culture and Communications from La Universit√† degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche in Italy’s Emilia Romagna region and currently resides in New York City.


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